Beyond Words Group Business Coaching

Executive Tune-Ups and The Corporate 911
Executive Tune-Ups
Are you or your staff:

 Experiencing burnout?
 Wondering if there’s more than “this”?
 Earning as much as you are worth?
 Leading…or being led?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, then the Executive Tune-Up is for you.

The Executive Tune-Up™ process facilitates unconventional thinking and enhances:

The Executive Tune Up™ is tailored to each individual. It includes:

Step One: Observation

 Identify and develop core strengths releasing full potential.
 Identify blind spots that inhibit personal and professional growth.

Step Two: Analysis
 Address self-limiting behaviors that block innate brilliance, wisdom and exceptional performance.

Step Three: Resolution
 A collaborative resolution, including identification of next steps, that results in greater profit, purpose, passion and productivity, with a dramatic increase to your “bottom line”.

“When I contacted Lin I was stuck. My old ways of achieving success, both professionally and personally, no longer worked. My passion for life and for my company were gone. As I progressed through the tune-up process, I felt new purpose and vision emerge. Thanks to Lin, my Midas touch returned!

- CEO, Fortune 500 Consulting Agency

The Corporate 911
 Are you experiencing growth, turnaround, transition or crisis?
 Is your organization achieving its full potential?
 Has change – positive or negative ? affected corporate growth, productivity or morale?
 Has the bottom line bottomed out?

If so, the solution may be simpler than you think.

Get things back on track with our Corporate Overhaul.

Step One: Evaluation
 Our proprietary Corporate Mastery Assessment Scale™ diagnoses the unseen factors that impact your bottom line and corporate growth.

Step Two: Analysis
 Identify hidden causes negatively impacting the organization.
 Prioritize a game plan to clear the issues.

Step Three: Resolution
 Resolving the issues produces greater clarity and corporate mastery.
 Results include greater corporate vitality, performance, innovation and mastery of your leadership game.

“After working with Lin our business skyrocketed. Within a period of three months, our clarity and focus increased, and our corporate revenues tripled. Our pipeline is filled to overflowing.

The benefits our company received from the work my team and I did with Lin are truly ‘beyond words’. She’s an absolute gem and her Corporate 911 process is a bona fide miracle!”

- KK, President, Strategic Marketing, Creative and Licensing Agency

The Beyond Words Group also offers

Individual and Group Executive Coaching Sessions:

Our sessions are tailored to our client’s needs and may include:
 Business Breakthroughs
 Work-Life Balance
 Personal Breakthroughs
 Time Management
 Business Growth and Expansion

Speaking Engagements:
Speaking engagements tailored for your event in the area of performance, legendary leadership, extraordinary thinking and mastery of work-life balance. We work closely with your event planner to insure a brilliant presentation that supports your needs.

Customized to reflect your organizations needs and upon demand.

 At a location of your choice
 Tailored to meet the Individual or Group’s needs

“Since working with Dr. Morel, my income has increased more than three-fold. She has an incredible talent for zeroing right in on whatever is blocking your full brilliance and then releasing it.”
- Aurora Winters, Founder Grief Coach Academy and bestselling author of From Heartbreak to Happiness