Business Success Product Recommendations

First the disclaimer. I found these books fascinating. Opinions are like noses. Just about all of us have one. If one of these picks looks interesting, go for it. If one of them repels you, I challenge you to pick it up anyway – just because…

These books provide insights that you may or may not agree with. Whether you agree or disagree, your power to lead is enhanced when you understand another’s point of view. I challenge you to find one thing from each of these reads – and then apply it. Be a scientist and observe whether or not the suggestion works for you. Like a book or not, there is value in reflecting on what triggered your response. If you’re not into purchasing, I challenge you to peruse one of these books on your next visit to the bookstore. There are times when all you need is a sentence to trigger a new viewpoint. Enjoy!

Books About Business

 The E-Myth
Michael E. Geber

This classic primer for entrepreneurs may spell the difference between success and failure. Learn from someone who has been helping entrepreneurs since 1977. His suggestions are time-tested and proven.

 The E-Myth Revisited
Michael E. Gerber

Even if you have read this before, it’s still a thought provoking read for entrepreneurs and those who are considering the jump from job/career to self-employment.

 Awakening the Entrepreneur Within
Michael E. Gerber

Once again, Michael Gerber has hit a thought provoking homerun. Michael continues to live at the cutting edge of the entrepreneurial envelope. He practices what he preaches.

Malcolm Gladwell

Some folks panned it, I loved it. Malcolm Gladwell has the courage to talk about something beyond logic – the power available to us when we get our mind out of the way. Neuro-science and psychology meets mysticism. The result is a quantum leap in how you look at logic and intuition. Yes, there can be a happy marriage between the two.

Lin’s suggestions for Wealth Building

 Understand your Wealth Profile
This 15 minute wealth profiling system questionnaire changed my business model. Roger Hamilton, Chairman of the XL Results Foundation, combined research into 5000 years of wealth creation and created a simple survey that will pinpoint your strengths and weakness’ with regard to wealth creation.

Throughout history, all wealth has been created through following one of eight contrasting paths. Every individual is a mix of those paths. Follow your individual path, and you will find a natural rhythm that plays to your strengths and makes obvious those areas that trigger resistance and loss of wealth. Make life easy. Knowledge is power. Knowledge acted upon rightly becomes wisdom and wealth.

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Books About Relationship

 Radical Knowing
Christian de Quincey

This is a radical book about relationship and consciousness. Outstanding leaders are connected at deep levels. This amazing book bridges the gap between logic, science, history, intuition and human consciousness. That’s for starters! The stories are eye-opening, especially about the collapse of a stone-age New Guinea tribe a week after post WW-II tourists visited. If you are in a relationship, and we all are, then this is an amazing look at relationships through the eyes of a philosopher. Fear not, we all have opinions, and what a great way to expand our ability to connect with ourselves and others. Fascinating, although not such a quick read.

Books About Health

 The Biology of Belief
Bruce Lipton, Ph.D.

Former medical professor and research scientist at Stanford, Bruce Lipton’s research on cell biology brings great news for ordinary folk. No longer are we at the mercy of our DNA. Instead, research reveals what religion and indigenous cultures have shared for ages: our thoughts, both positive and negative, have the power to change our genes and DNA. The implications are amazing.

Books About Spirit

 Spiritual Warrior

As a former competitive martial artist, I found this practical book a thought-provoking look at how intention (goal setting) impeccability and ruthlessness are three keys to a life that works. Long before I read this little gem, I practiced those principles when I was a nationally ranked competitor. They aren’t what you would think! While you may not agree with everything, there is something here for anyone who wants to up-level the playing field in the game of life.

 Overcoming Emotional Chaos: Eliminate anxiety, lift depression, and create security in your life
Doc Childre & Deborah Raozman, Ph.D.

Mental and emotional health are keys to sustained success in business and relationships alike. This book is an eye opener, and describes what lack of awareness and stress does to our bodies. Now more than ever, it’s small stressors that take us over the edge. Learn to dis-arm your stress, take responsibility and control for your reactions and overcome the habitual feelings that keep us from fulfillment.